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Ponga Sauvignon Blanc Wine Bottle

Make your presence known.

Step into the light, and onto the scene. With a glass of Ponga in hand, you make your presence known. The bar, the dance floor, the conversation; they’re yours to ignite. So, take a leap out of your comfort zone and live it up.

Spotlighting our expressive notes.

Ponga’s zesty and refreshing notes of passion fruit, citrus and white peach are characteristic of a great Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand.

"Strong earthy, grassy, citrus forward nose. Very bright flavor. A good wine on its own or with a soup and salad."
- Vivino Community Member

New Zealand, the perfect place for sauvignon blanc.

Created by volcanoes and calmed by glaciers, this is our home for many reasons. It’s location near the South Pole gives our grapes abundant sunlight to ripen while the cool climate preserves the natural boldness and acidic qualities of our Ponga sauvignon blanc.

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Oysters served over ice with lemon in the middle
Green salad with vegetables
Italian food antipasti prosciutto ham, salami, olives and grissini bread sticks. cheese on a board parmesan, pecorino, gorgonzola. Charcuterie board. Two glasses of white wine or prosecco

Illuminate dishes with perfect pairings.

Ponga pairs  deliciously well with seafood, like Pacific oysters on the half-shell, as well as summery salads and light hors d’oeuvres. It’s also enjoyed alone as an aperitif or cocktail.

Ponga lights the way.

“Ponga” is the name the Māori (indigenous people of New Zealand)  gave the Silver Fern, a plant found only in New Zealand.

The Legend Continues

Mix it up with a Ponga Cocktail.

Explore some of our  favorite wine cocktail recipes and add a bright twist  to a glass of Ponga. Cheers! Or as the Kiwis say Chur Bro!

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